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The worldwide acting enterprise offers devices for speech development, such as BIGmack, FL4SH, SuperTalker, PowerLink and various assembly robotics.





AMDi stands for Advanced Multimedia Devices Inc. and devotes their work to an improvement of living conditions of people with serious linguistic disturbances by supplementary and alternative communication device.



Attainment Company

Attainment dedicates themselves to help people with cognitive interference. Among other things the family company developed the GoTalk-Series.


Clevy logo newBNC Distribution

BNC Distribution produces special IT-Products particulary for use in school. For example with Clevy which facilitates access to computers for many people.


ChestercreekChester Creek

Keyboards for kids and adults.





CSS microsystemCSS Microsystems

With over 30 years of experience, CSS MicroSystems is one of the pioneers in development and manufacture of electronic aids and environmental resp. special control systems.




The Finnisch company Ergorest has specialized on development and environment-friendly production of arm and head support, standart support, support with rail clip et cetera.






Excitm Ltd.

Excitm is a leading manufacturer of adapted toys or supportive technologies for people with physical disabilities or special educational needs.


HelpicareHelpicare S.r.l

Helpicare produces and sells a big selection of innovatie electrical devices. These products improve the self-dependance and are qualified for therapy of people with motoric, sensoric or cognitive derogations.

Inclusive technologyInclusive Technology

Inclusive Technology provides the very best special educational needs software, switches and computer access devices, simple communication aids, eye gaze and assistive technology for learners with a physical disability, sensory impairment or learning difficulty.





logo lifetool


The Austrian company Lifetool developes educational software which, among other things, should lead users to usage of computers.





light byteLight & Byte

Manufacturer of several assembly arms.






Mayer-Johnson has over 25 years expirience in developing devices. They developed communication systems such as MiniMO and MightyMo or boardmakerprogrammes.



With over 40 years of experience, Permobil manufactures devices which especially support people with a functional disability.


PretorianPretorian Technologies Ltd.

The british enterprise Pretorian Technologies Ltd manufactures trackballs and computer input assistance since over 30 years. The products such as the N-Abler Joystick or Sympli Works are among the world best.


rdgrdg Kompagne

rdg Kompagne is the biggest provider of communication devices in the netherlands. Rdg also produces the Funkey Joystick and Trackball.




rehadaptREHAdapt Engineering GmbH

REHAdapt knows problems and confinement of current assembly robotics and thanks to many years of expirience in design, crafsmanship and collaboration with users the way of mounting communication devices, notebooks and input devices has been revolutinised.



Robo toysROBO educational toys

ROBO educational toys is a manufacturer of toys and didactic software games. The TimeTimer product line is being produced by ROBO as well.



symetricsSymetrics Designs

Symmetric Designs is a canadian family enterprise which produces innovative and qualitative superior products in the medical area since over 20 years. These products are purposed to facilitate everyday life of people with disabilities. In the Rednet assortment you find the Headmaster head support of Symmetric Designs.




Tobii Technology is a worldwide leading provider of of hard- and software solutions for eye control and alternative communication. Among other things Tobii produces mobile communication aids of the C-Serie as well as the Tobii S32 communicator.