Jelly BeamerControls
Rednet possesses an extremely wide range of different switches. These do not only distinguish regarding shape and colour, but reflect customer needs for switches which require little release strength or a short release path. Further differentiate these switches regarding the feedback. There are switches with acoustic, tactile as well as visual feedback. Among our assortment belong AbleNet Products as well as Jelly Bean and Buddy Button and several additional proven products.



N Abler Trackball redComputer input
You will find a huge choice of keyboards in the field of computer input in the assortment of Rednet. Mostly, these are available in different colours and often also have a finger-guiding grid. Part of this sector are different mouses and mousereplacements, which reach from ergonomic adjusted mouses to quite special solutions. Here you always find suitable products for your clients needs.




Timetimer plusMiscellaneous
In this line you will find great products like adapted toys and didactical material like TimeTimer products.








Rednet enables you to compare most diverse communication solutions of all kind of manufacturers. You will find everything from very simple switches up to static devices like QuickTalkers and text-based devices.







Monty3D-TischstativAssembly robotics
So that your products can be mounted best, Rednet also offers a wide rage of weelchair mounting and assembly robotics.





Flashwords 5erSoftware
In this category Rednet offers you a thrilling choice of learning and fostering software as well as communication software. Thereto belong popular LifeTool games as well as seasoned Tobii Comunicator Software.







Simply works control


Enviroment control
In this category we present different page-turning gadgets like the flexible QiCare. Further to this category belong transmitters and receivers for electric devices.